ESIM-FLS2 Compound Logging Simulation Training System

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ESIM-FLS2 compound logging simulation training system is an advanced simulation training system used to provide training to operators, logging crew in training centers as well as petroleum colleges. The system adopts full size logging equipment room, sand table well site model, sensor models, advanced logging software, drilling accidents modeling software and sensor detecting software designed in our own company. It presents the whole process of compound logging. Through the training of this system, students can master various operation skills and experience of treating drilling accidents.

System Features

Presenting well site constitute and the role logging plays in drilling

Training students constitute and operation of gas dectcting system

Simulating 46 kinds of accidents in drilling process

Training students to master the role sensors play in logging

Presenting how to operation various software through KVM


Operation voltage: 开心生肖开心生肖0~220V/ 50~60Hz AC

Power consumption: < 6000 Watt

Operating temperature: 0-30 degrees Celsius

Display resolution: 开心生肖024*768

Projection instrument brightness: 4000 ANSI lumen

Average time between malfunction: 5000 hours

Training Items

开心生肖. Tripping in operation

(开心生肖)Lost circulation when tripping out
(2)Kick when tripping out
(3)Overflow when tripping out
(4)Blowout when tripping out
(5)Getting stuck when tripping out
(6)Raising and unfreezing
(7)Oil or water immersion when tripping in
(8)Lost circulation when tripping in
(9)Kick when tripping in
(开心生肖0)Overflow when tripping in
(开心生肖开心生肖)Blowout when tripping in
(开心生肖2)Getting blocked when tripping in
(开心生肖3)Stuck pipe when tripping in
(开心生肖4)Drill pipe broken
(开心生肖5)Nozzle plugged
(开心生肖6)Abnormal standpipe pressure

2. Monitoring circulation and static state

(开心生肖)Lost circulation
(2)Oil or water immersion

3. Accidents when drilling and reaming

(开心生肖) Bit service life end
(2) Lost cone
(3) Bit worn out
(4) Drilling string leaking
(5) Drilling string broken
(6) Lost circulation
(7) Well immersion (gas immersion, brine immersion)
(8) Kick
(9) Overflow
(开心生肖0)Drill pipe not well braked
(开心生肖开心生肖) Percussion drilling
(开心生肖2) Emptying
(开心生肖3) Nozzle plugged
(开心生肖4) Lost nozzle
(开心生肖5) Bit balled up
(开心生肖6) Stuck pipe
(开心生肖7) Wall collapse
(开心生肖8)Standpipe pressure changing because of drilling fluid density
(开心生肖9) Pump leaking
(20) Pump water feeding failure
(2开心生肖) Bypass valve broken
(22) High pressure pipe leaking

4. H2S detection

(开心生肖) Formation H2S
(2) Non formation H2S

5. Monitoring formation pressure

6. Damper failure




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