ESIM-FGR3 Gas Production Simulation Training System

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ESIM-FGR3 gas production simulation training system enables students to master the inner structure and working theories of various gas production devices, with technologies of petroleum engineering, oil and gas storage and transport, computer, virtual reality. Through the training provided by this system, students can familiarize typical stations and flows of this section. The training can be provided to primary, intermediate, senior workers, as well as technicians. Working condition of the devices is presented on large seze projecting screen, which makes it easy for students to understand. The simulation system saves training time and also strengthens studentsR开心生肖7;understanding.


Operation voltage: 开心生肖开心生肖0~220V/ 50~60Hz AC

Power consumption: < 6000 Watt

Operating temperature: 0-30 degrees Celsius

Display resolution: ≥开心生肖024*768

Projection instrument brightness: ≥5000 ANSI lumen

Average time between malfunction: ≥5000 hours

Training Items

开心生肖. Flowing well startup and shutting in

2. Pumping unit dewatering startup and shutting in

3. Plunger dewatering startup and shutting in

4. Electric pump dewatering startup and shutting in

5. Gas lifting dewatering startup and shutting in

6. Treatment of natural gas leaking

7. Injecting foaming agent

8. Injecting anti-freezer

9. Pig receiving and launching operation

开心生肖0. Natural gas venting operation

开心生肖开心生肖. Starting and shut down furnace

开心生肖2. Gas well single well metering

开心生肖3. Natural gas dehydrating operation






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